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Haunted houses Arlington HeightsHaunted Houses in Arlington Heights with discount couponsHappy Halloweeen from Haunted Houses Chicago Illinois!
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                          Arlington Heights Haunted Houses

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Arlington Heights Haunted Houses are great and safe fun for the entire family. These Illinois Halloween attractions are spooky and scary and many offer coupons and online discounts so you can save money!

Arlington Heights Haunted Houses and Halloween Events

The Haunting at 332  The Haunting at 332 is back!! After being down for 2 years due to reasons unknown one of the most notorious haunted yard displays in the nation is back for more. New animated props, and enormous static props plus always more horror and gore. Please see website for more info. FREE!

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Real Haunted Houses in Arlington Heights

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We feature only the best haunted houses on our web site, basd on value, safety and overall quality. Save Money, be sure to use our discount coupons and safely enjoy a great trip to an Arlington Heights Illinois Halloween Haunted House!

Happy Halloween!
Arlington Heights  Haunted Houses

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Have some Haunting fun on Halloween!
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