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Chicago Haunted Houses are great and safe fun for the entire family. These Illinois Halloween attractions are spooky and scary and many offer coupons and online discounts so you can save money!

Chicago Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions

Demons of the Deep Navy Pier   600 E. Grand Ave Chicago   September 26th - November 1st Navy Pier presents "scare-free" family fun, the "Fear" Haunted House and more!

St. Pascal's Haunted House  6143 W. Irving Park Rd.
Open Thu-Sun 7-10 p.m.; Fri/Sat 6:30-11 p.m. Are you sick of doing the same thing every Halloween season? Looking for a good haunt? Then look no further! Welcome to the Saint Pascal Haunted House home page. Discount Coupons at website

 Twisted House of Horrors (21 and over) 966 W. Wolfram St.
Open 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Adult themed haunted house in the City of Chicago! This haunted house serves liquor. Located in Lincoln Park at 966 W. Wolfram (at the intersection of Sheffield and Wolfram).

Haunted Sanitarium  2401 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60614 This year?s Haunted Sanitarium features several scary scenes including an Egyptian tomb, graveyard, and a demented clown?s test lab. There will also be a waiting area featuring concessions and spooky movies. Visitors needing special assistance will be partnered with a staff guide.

Halloween Haunted House 63rd Street Beach House Halloween festivities include fun for the entire family with great pumpkin patches, haunted houses (and not so haunted houses), parties and much more.

Trails of Terror 5801 North Pulaski Road Chicago, Illinois 60646  Wind your way through nearly one-half mile of spine-tingling terror at the Chicago Park District's Trails of Terror.

Anna in the Darkness  The Side Project  1520 West Jarvis Chicago, Illinois 60626
Chicago's horror play Anna in the Darkness follows a scary story of a town stalking a young teacher trapped in her house. The Chicago Tribune calls the horror play chilling and says "you feel like you're stuck in that dang living room with her, exposed and susceptible to the lurking danger outside."

Haunted Scenes at the 16th District Chicago Police Station. Admission is free, but they accept donations at the door. Haunted Scenes is open from 5-8:30 pm, and the line is cut off at 8:30.

Disturbed II is strictly for adults, but worth the $9 ticket. Visitors don't just watch a horror movie, they become part of the horror movie. There's nothing like this experience anywhere else. Discount Coupons at website

Midnight Terror in Oak Lawn is a free Halloween event appropriate for adults and children. You get to experience the startling lawn displays and exhibits before traveling through the haunted house. For more information call (708) 574-1713.

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Haunted Houses Chicago IL

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